Bean Makes Drawings

Bean has been working really hard to improve on her drawing. The other night we watched Zootopia for family movie night. Almost immediately after Bean was at the table drawing. Here are a few of the drawings she made of the characters from the movie.

Bean drew this after watching Zootopia 😍 #diemersmake

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One of Bean's drawings in progress. #diemersmake

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Mase Makes Octopus Stuffies

Mase made these cute little octopus stuffies to raise money for scout camp this summer. He created the pattern on his own. By using what we had on hand he was able to make and sell a few of them. He came up with unique names and stories for each. He was so excited to start his own Etsy store and to have actually sold something!

Octopus stuffies Mason made #diemersmake

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